Foam Densities

What are the differences in foam density?

What does 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb mean? 

1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb foam density represents the strength and R-value or insulating factors of the covers. The denser the foam, the more strength and insulation it will have. 

All foam inserts are comprised of styrofoam “beads”. These beads are poured into the mold, pressed and compacted together to create the block from which the insert is cut. Higher density foam inserts have more beads and are compacted at greater pressure creating a more durable foam board. 

The general rule is, for every .5 lb density increase the "R-Value" increases by 5 and the weight baring capacity is increased by about 20 lbs. On this same note for every inch of thickness you go up the "R-value" goes up 5 and the weight bearing capacity is increased by 40 lbs.